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Superkick’d offers comprehensive in-ring training for people who have serious aspirations of becoming a pro wrestler.

It’s gonna be hard, and you’ll be pushed and challenged accordingly. In the end it will be incredibly rewarding, and you’ll likely find yourself growing beyond what you thought your limits were.

You’ll also be taught a lot about the OUT of ring aspects of wrestling: Etiquette, “paying your dues”, trade secrets, the importance of respecting the business & those who came before you.

If you have dreams of becoming a Pro Wrestler, there’s no better time to start living them. Contact us now for scheduling and pricing.

Contact us for further information about pricing and schedules

Head Trainer

Kris Chambers

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Kris Chambers is a seasoned professional who can help you follow your pro wrestling dreams. 

Check out some of his matches below.


Conveniently located in Toronto's Liberty Village

Major Intersection: King & Dufferin
Easily accessible via: Highway, TTC, Go Transit

For more information and to sign up, email us today.

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